Pamper Yourself With A Body Treatment spacer ~ Body Treatments ~

These are wonderful for relaxing, soothing and aligning the body energies. Body treatments both detoxify your body and pamper your soul. Get a special facial added to any body wrap. Healing packages are also available.

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Reduction Wrap
60 minutes

Special herbs and vitamins are used along with body wrapping to penetrate adipose (fat). Inches lost from this procedure are permanent.

Back Facial
60 minutes

Includes: A deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and masque.

Ear Candling
60 minutes

Ear Candling spacer This ancient technique is a non-invasive procedure. This involves 2 to 3 candles per ear, gently and safely removing a build up of wax, bacteria and yeast from the inner ear.

Herbal Heat Wrap
45 minutes

Muslin Sheets soaked in detoxifying herbs, and then you are wrapped up in the hot sheets to build up to a purifying sweat. Do this treatment after a colonic to continue your detoxification.

Infrared Sauna or Oxygen Sauna
60 minutes

The skin is our largest eliminatory organ, sweating regularly cleans the liver, spleen and kidneys. Great to do after a colonic and / or before a massage.

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