Facials ~ Healing Facials ~

Optimum Healing Facials are rejuvenating, deep cleansing treatments for your skin using exfoliation and extraction. Pampering energy healing on face, neck, chest, upper back, hands, feet and scalp. Japanese, Lymph and Aurivadic massage Techniques are used. A must for healthy, radiant skin along with diet, regular elimination and exercise.

Queen Facial
60 minutes $70

Includes: massage of face, ears, neck, shoulders, lower arms and hands.

Acne Facial
50 minutes $60

A specialized facial for removing toxins from the skin, then calming and healing inflamed areas.

Quick Delight
35 minutes $50

Is beautiful skin a must, but you're in a hurry? Then Quick Delight is for you. Includes: deep cleanse, exfoliation and masque.

Personalized Acid Peel
$20 additional to facial

Salicylic acid, Alpha-Hydroxy acid, and vitamin C. Add to any of the above facials for a skin rejuvenation. Your skin will appear youthful and glowing.

Derma Peel

Includes a deep exfoliation for all skin types: Lines, scarring, pigmentation, acne, dull or dry skin. With a Derma Peel you will obtain glowing and youthful skin. See separate brochure for complete information.

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