~ Health Spa Glossary ~


Ancient Chinese and Japanese technique to release muscle tension by applying pressure to specialized points on the body.


Ancient Chinese treatment of pain (or disease) by painlessly inserting the tips of needles to regulate the life energy, imparting a relaxed and invigorating effect. Also available by electro and laser treatments.

Aerosol Inhalation:

Misting of seawater, treated with specialist products, to clear the respiratory passages.


Application of seaweed which re-mineralise and thin while causing sweating.


Application of essential oils from leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins, and flowers during massage, facials, body wraps, and other treatments. Odor from the oils is said to evoke certain feelings, such as relaxation.


Herbally is any plant that is able to contract the tissues and canals of the body thereby toning them.


Warm mud or thermal baths, usually with ozone, physiotherapy and underwater exercises, which detoxifies the skin and boosts circulation.

Body Composition Analysis:

An evaluation process used to determine the ratio of body fat against lean body mass. Results aid in establishing individual nutrition and exercise programs.

Body Scrub/Exfoliation:

Invigorating deep cleansing body treatment which improves circulation by exfoliating dead skin cells and nourishing the skin.

Body Polish:

A full-body scrub with mild abrasives and warm oil that stimulates circulation and gently removes dead skin cells.

Body Wrap:

The body is wrapped in hot linens, plastic sheets, and blankets. Heat penetrates the skin resulting in muscle relaxation and skin revitalization with toxins and excess fluid eliminated from the body.

Brush and Tone:

Use of a dry brush to removes dead skin cells, and stimulate circulation.

Bust Treatment:

Exfoliation treatment followed by application of specific products and specialized massage to tone, firm and strengthen the skin for an improved bust shape.


Mild electrical current that deep cleansed the skin, oxygenating the outer skin layer.


It is the pigment that makes leaves green. Its magnesium molecule transmutes into an iron molecule in the body and is the basis of the red blood cell. Examples are marine and blue-green algae, spirulina, wheat and barley grass, leafy salad greens.

Colonic Irrigation:

The washing out of the bowel by a gentle enema, (a liquid injected through the anus that stimulates evacuation).

Deep Cleansing Facial:

Use of sophisticated machines or manual techniques to open pores, extract blackheads, purify skin, close pores, and revitalize skin.

Deep Muscle Massage:

Massage technique that separates muscle groups and loosens fascia (connective tissue) to realign the body and increase range of motion.


Cleansing the body of accumulated poisons that can accumulate.


Techniques to relieve aching muscles and rheumatism, based on the use of different electric frequencies with a pain soothing, anti-inflammatory action.


Skin treatment where the upper layers of dead skin cells are sloughed off by a loofah sponge, sea salt, brush, or by other means.


A series of techniques used to clean and revitalize the facial skin. Facials typically include massaging, cleansing, toning, steaming, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

Fango / Mud:

Made from solid clay, thermal water and an organic component (such as algae, bacteria and protozoa). Matured in vats to reach a final product rich in goodness.


Mineralized mud application, best over a fortnight's treatment, fights respiratory problems.

Faradic Exercise:

Passive electrically controlled exercise to tone and firm the body.

Floatation Tank:

Relieves stress and fatigue. Covered bath containing a saturated solution of Epsom salts in water allowing the body to float effortlessly.

Galvanic Treatments:

Encourages the absorption of liquids into the skin by using current conducting clay and electrodes to firm specific parts of the body.


Creams are massaged into the skin to exfoliate, rehydrate the skin.

G5 Massage:

Deep massage used on different parts of the body by various electronic applicator heads to relieve fatigue and tension.


Restores the body’s balance. Combines manipulation of connective body tissue with discussion on effects of mental attitudes on the body.

Herbal Detoxifying Heat Wrap:

Wrapping the body in warm linen or cotton sheets that have been soaked in herbs. The body is then covered with blankets, preventing the moist heat from escaping. Herbal wraps detoxify skin, adding the liver, skin and kidneys to help sweat away toxins. It also relaxes the muscles, soothe soreness, and soften skin.

Holistic Health:

Alternative approach to health and fitness that focuses on lifestyle, health, mental well-being, and spiritual awareness.


An approach to medicine that uses natural substances to encourage the body to heal itself.


Alternate use of hot and cold water, changes boost circulation and increase metabolic rate.


Relaxing and sedative massage by underwater cyclic jets.


Range of facial and slimming treatments for correction of cellulite, using gentle galvanic stimulants with thermal clay and biologically active natural ingredients.


Uses the study of the iris as a form of diagnosis, which can reveal genetic weaknesses and characteristics in the body which may cause health problems.


Use of fossil oils to relax and refresh the body ,beneficial for poor skin conditions.


Used to diagnose food allergies and other conditions using Acupressure massage and testing muscle strength to check energy flow.

Kneipp Therapy:

Cold water treatment, with the body stimulated by the cold which improves circulation, metabolism and strengthens the nervous system.

Kur Bath:

Hungarian detoxifying, therapeutic bath that contains a high concentration of minerals drawn from a spring more than 2,000 meters below the earth's surface.

Loofah Body Scrub:

A full body exfoliating treatment using a loofah sponge and mixture of sea salt and warm almond or avocado oil.


Thermal vapors / steam from thermal waters.

Jacuzzi (or Roman Bath):

Emulsion of air in water, causing the oxygenation of tissue and general feeling of well-being.

Lymph Drainage:

Lymphatic system is responsible for removal of waste and toxins from the body.

Massage (Swedish/Thai):

Balancing massage on energy flows within the body, offers feeling of well-being after treatment. Manipulating the skin, muscles, and joints to relax muscle spasms, relieve tension, improve circulation, and stretch connective tissue.

Paraffin Wax Baths:

Warm wax brushed over the body which is then wrapped up to perspire in order to draw out toxins, cleans the pores and soften the skin.


It is the muscle motion of the entire gastrointestinal tract that in rhythmic contractions and expansions propels matter from mouth to anus. Peristalsis needs high fluids, plenty of physical exercise, living food, and a harmonious emotional and mental state in order to function.


A specific follow-up to each seawater treatment program, which improves physical recuperation.


Pressure point foot and hand massages that improves circulation and lymph drainage and relieves tension throughout the body. Thumb and finger pressure is applied to specific areas that correspond to internal organs.


Structural re-balancing treatments developed to improve movement through intense manipulation of rigid muscles, bones, and joints.

Salt Glow:

A cleansing treatment used to remove dead skin and improve circulation by rubbing a mixture of coarse salt and aromatic oils on the body.

Salt Rub:

Invigorating, brisk body rub immediately after showering with salt massaged all over the body.


Heat treatment in a wooden lined room to make the body perspire, which opens the pores and leaves the body glowing after a cold shower.

Sea Mud:

Treatment against inflammation and pain throughout the body, or in a specific problem area, which slowly and gently exercises the joints.


A Japanese Acupressure massage technique where pressure is applied by the therapist's fingers, palms, and thumbs to specific points on the body. The body's inner powers of energy and healing are both stimulated and re-balanced.

Shower (Scottish/Thai):

High pressure seawater massage that stimulates circulation. According to the technique used, it helps firm and tone muscles or can be adapted to the treatment of cellulite.

Sitz Baths:

Hip bath divided into two, one half filled with hot water, the other half with cold water, whereby feet are immersed in the cold water, whilst sitting in the hot water, then the process is alternated, which improves circulation.


Treatment of physical and psychological complaints by mental visualization relaxation techniques.


Originally a health resort where there was a nearby curative mineral spring.

Steam Bath:

Heat treatment in own enclosure, with steam promoting perspiration and removing body toxins.

Steam Cabinet:

Head remains outside cabinet while rest of body perspires inside. Warmer than a steam room.

Tai Chi:

An ancient Chinese martial arts discipline where mental focus and controlled graceful movements are combined to unite the mind and body.


Applying to the body a mixture of seaweed, vitamins, algae, magnesium, calcium, and trace elements from the sea in the form of algae baths, masks and wraps. The treatment is said to remove toxins while reinvigorating the skin.

Thermal Water:

Hot water rich in bromide, gases, iodine and salts.

Turkish Baths:

Series of increasingly hot steam rooms complete with marble slabs for reclining as the body perspires. Reverse procedure before a cold shower.

Underwater Therapy:

Benefits of massage without physical pulsation, improving circulation.

Vichy Shower:

A shower from various jets, usually applied on a waterproof massage table.

Water Massage Bed:

A relaxing, sedative massage of seawater spray via a ramp of threadlike jets whilst in a reclining position.


Warm wax is applied, allowed to harden, and then vigorously ripped off to remove unwanted hair from the face, arms, legs, or body.

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