Gallbladder Flush
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Warning: You should first ask your therapist if it's suggested that you do the gallbladder flush, if your body is not prepared you could harm yourself. This is posted for the convenience of those pre-screened to do this flush.

What you will need:

1.The 10 drops of Black Walnut Hull Tincture recommended in the recipe are used to kill any parasites that may come out of the bile ducts during the cleanse. If you cannot find it or are allergic to it, you may replace with 10 drops of tincture made from cloves or chew on 2-3 cloves straight after drinking the mixture of olive oil and grapefruit juice.
2. If you cannot tolerate grapefruit juice or if it tends to make you nauseous you may use freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice (1/3 Cup each) instead.


Drink one liter of raw apple juice a day for a period of six days as it will soften the stones to make their passage through the bile ducts easier. The apple juice has a strong cleansing effect and may cause some bloating and even diarrhea during the first few days. The fermentation of the juice helps the expansion of the bile ducts. If this becomes uncomfortable, mix the apple juice with water. Drink the juice slowly throughout the day between meals but avoid during meals. Drink half before a meal and then half three hours after a meal. This is in addition to your normal water intake. Eat normal light meals.

Note: Raw apple juice is best. If you can juice it yourself, organic apple juice works well. If you cannot tolerate apple juice you can do an herbal hepatic cleanse one month prior to the flush. Fountain of Health has this cleanse.

On the sixth day of drinking apple juice, if you feel hungry in the morning, eat a light breakfast such as cooked cereal, fruit, or fruit juice but no milk, butter, yoghurt or cheese, ham, eggs, etc. For lunch eat plain cooked vegetables with rice and a little salt but no protein foods, butter, or oil. Don't eat or drink anything except water after 2 PM! The timing given below is essential for success of the cleanse.

Doing the Gallbladder Flush

6:00 PM: Mix four tablespoons of Epsom salt in 3 cups of water and keep it in a jar. This makes four servings, cup or 185 ml each. Drink your first portion now. You may take a few sips of water afterwards to get rid of the bitter taste in the mouth. You may prefer to use a large plastic straw as this bypasses the taste buds on the tongue.
8:00 PM: Drink your second Cup of Epsom salt.
9:30 PM: If you haven't had a bowel movement until now, take a water enema; this will trigger a series of bowel movements.
9:45 PM: Squeeze the grapefruits or lemons and oranges; you will need Cup of juice; remove pulp. Pour the juice and Cup olive oil into the pint jar. Add the 10 drops of Black Walnut Hull Tincture. Close the jar tightly and shake hard about twenty times or until watery. Drink this mixture at 10pm, but if you still feel you need to visit the bathroom a few more times, you may delay for 10 minutes.
10:00 PM: Stand, don't sit, next to your bed and drink the concoction in one go or with a large plastic straw. Don't take more than 5 minutes to do this. At this time take 4 Ornithine, 8 if you already suffer from insomnia.

LIE DOWN STRAIGHT AWAY. This is necessary to help release the gallstones. Turn off the lights and lie flat on you back with your head up high on a pillow or two. Put your attention on your liver and, if you can, visualize the mixture moving the stones out of the numerous bile ducts in your liver. Keep perfectly still for a least 20 minutes! This gives the stones a chance to move along the bile ducts. There won't be any pain because the Epsom salt will keep the bile duct's valves wide open. Go to sleep if you can.
If at anytime during the night you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, do so. Check if there are already small gallstones, pea green or tan colored ones, floating in the toilet. You may feel nauseous during the night and early morning hours. This will pass as the morning progresses.

The Following Morning:
6:00 - 6:30 AM: Upon awakening, but not before 6 am, drink your third cup of Epsom salt. If you feel very thirsty drink a glass of warm water before taking the salt. Rest or meditate. If you are sleepy, you may go back to bed, although it is best if the body stays in the upright position.
10:00 - 10:30 AM: You may drink freshly pressed fruit juice, preferably apple or orange. Half an hour later eat 1 - 2 pieces of fruit. One hour later you may eat regular but light food.

The Results you can expect from the Gallbladder Flush:

You will have a number of bowel movements in the form of diarrhea, consisting of gallstones mixed first with food residue and then with only water. Most of the gallstones float in the toilet because they contain large amounts of cholesterol. You will see mostly green ones of all sizes and shapes, some are pea-sized or smaller, and others are as big as 2-3 centimeters. There may be hundreds of stones coming out at once. Also watch out for tan colored and white ones. Some of the larger tan colored stones my sink with the stool because they are calcified and contain heavier toxic substances and only small amounts of cholesterol. All the green stones are as soft as putty, thanks to the apple juice. You may also find a layer of white or tan colored scum or foam floating in the toilet. The foam consists of millions of tiny white, sharp-edged cholesterol crystals, which can easily rupture small bile ducts; they are equally important to get rid of.

It is most likely that some stones will get caught in the colon. They can quickly be removed through colonic irrigation. If they remain in the colon, they can cause irritation, headaches and abdominal discomfort. If colonics are not available where you live, you can take a coffee enema followed by a water enema. This, however, doesn't guarantee all the remaining stones are removed. There is no real substitute for colonic irrigation.

Try to make rough estimate of how many stones you may have by what you have removed. If you have a few or a lot you need to remove all the stones. This may require up to six or more cleansings which can be performed at 2-3 week intervals but don't cleanse more frequently than that. If you cannot cleanse this often, you may take more time between the cleansings. The important thing to remember is that once you have started cleansing the liver keep cleansing it until no more stones come out. Leaving it half clean for a long period time (tree or more months) can cause greater discomfort than not cleansing at all.

The liver as a whole will begin to function more efficiently soon after the first cleanse and you may notice sudden improvements, sometimes within a few hours. Pains will be less, energy will increase and clarity of mind will improve considerably. However, within a few days, stones from the rear of the liver will have traveled forward toward the two main bile ducts exiting the liver, which may cause some of the previous symptoms of discomfort to return. In fact, you might feel disappointment because the recovery seems so short-lived. But all this shows there are still stones left behind ready to be removed with the next round of elimination. Nevertheless, the liver's self-repair and cleansing responses will have increased significantly, adding a great deal of effectiveness to this all-important organ of the body.

As long as there are still a few small stones moving from some of the thousands of small bile ducts toward the hundreds of larger bile ducts, they may combine to form larger stones and produce such previously experienced symptoms as backache, headache, earache, digestive trouble, bloating, irritability, anger, etc., although these may be less severe than they were before. If a new cleanse no longer produces any stones, which usually happens after the sixth cleanse, your liver can be considered in excellent condition. Still, it is recommended to repeat the liver cleanse every six months. Each cleanse will give a further boost to the liver and take care of any toxins that may have accumulated in the meantime.