Therapeutic Massage ~ Therapeutic Massage ~

Toxins and stress can be trapped in muscle tissue.
Releasing them through massage can bring peace, relaxation
and well-being to your spirit, body and soul.

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Ultimate Massage
90 minutes
60 minutes
30 minutes

A completely relaxing massage from head to toe. A self-loving and therapeutic treatment that you'll want to have done regularly.


Lymph Massage
75 minutes
60 minutes

Gently moves toxins held in muscles and tissues. Good for clients with poor circulation. Must consult with Therapist first, prior to treatment.35 minute session is for half the body: Abdomen, legs and thighs.

Back Massage
30 minutes

Shoulders, neck and back needing special attention? Are you stressed and overworked? Order a back massage, done with a massage chair while clothes are left on.

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