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Here at Fountain of Health, health and wellness have been our passions for the past 25 years. Seminars, books, extensive training, and personal experience are all part of the important information we have compiled to share with you to help forward your good health.

The following is an introduction to digestive health. We will discuss the need for fiber, the use of herbs, the need for balance in food consumption, as well as the importance of water, minerals, enzymes, and hormones. Be patient as you start out on your quest to become healthier. Keep mind that it takes at least three months for your body to change, and you must add in one month for each year you have had a health concern. Herring's Law of Cure states that we heal from the inside out, from the head downward, and in reverse order from how an illness progressed.

Colon Therapy: Is a restoring, relaxing treatment, which is both pleasant and effective. Most people report relief of problems after the very first treatment. Vitality and energy levels are restored. Colon therapy has an antiseptic and solvent action on the intestines. Whereby putrefactive material, impacted fecal matter, excess mucus, and even pus and infected tissue are removed from the colon. This leaves a cleaner, healthier colon, which means a healthier body. Disease begins in the colon. Our bodies constantly produce acid waste as a normal maintaining process. Undigested foods, ingested poisons, and pollution also contribute toxic accumulations. If we come to the fact that there is only one disease, that of body toxicity, then the need is to cleanse. A combustion engine will stop running if you prevent the waste from leaving the engine. Our engine will do the same, it is subtle process, we just notice we have trouble digesting our food, bloated, weighed down, and having less energy. Like a car that needs its oil, spark plugs and filters cleaned. Every person who desires a healthy body must be aware of proper bowel management, what is it, how it works and what is required.
We suggest: A series of five colonics will allow you to feel the difference between how you feel now and how you will feel with a cleaner colon. Follow up with monthly colonics for maintenance, once every three months, minimum. A series of twelve weekly treatments will give you optimum results.

Fiber: The colon needs fiber to create leverage so the colon can move fecal matter out of the body faster and easier. The normal transit time from the mouth to the rectum is eight to twelve hours. We recommend taking 30-40 grams of fiber daily by diet and /or supplementation. Flax, oat, and rice are a few good fibers. If this is your first time taking a fiber supplement, start out slowly. For example:
Week one: Take one teaspoon of Maxi Fiber once a day. If you are not used to taking fiber it can cause bloating at first, but this will decrease as your colon becomes stronger, more good bacteria develop in your intestinal tract, and less fecal matter remains in the colon.
Week two: Take one teaspoon of fiber twice a day.
Week three: Take one teaspoon of fiber three times a day.
VERY IMPORTANT! In order for fiber supplements to work effectively you must also eat vegetables and some fruit. Vegetables and fruit have high water content, and these foods travel through the digestive tract and into the colon, unlike plain water, which gets absorbed in the small intestine. Fiber alone can get sticky and dry without high water-content foods to help move it along. Taking fiber is like lifting weights for your digestive tract because it strengthens your colon. Take some kind of fiber for the rest of your life either in supplemental form or from food.
We suggest: mixed blend of fibers is best, such as R&D maxi fiber and Fiber Formula. Maxi Fiber (eight ounces for $13) lasts one to two months, and Fiber Formula (12 ounces for $18) lasts one to two months.

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Herbs: Herbs work well in the beginning of a colon cleanse. However, they should not be used continuously or you could develop a dependency on them. It is suggested that you take one of each herb formula--Multi-Herb and Multi-Fiber--morning and evening. Increase dosage of each formula by one tablet every other day, until you have between two and three bowel movements a day. Experience has shown using the Multi-Herb and Multi-Fiber formulas in conjunction with a series of regular colonics is the most beneficial.
We suggest: We feel we carry the finest herbs for detoxifying the eliminatory organs. Multi-Herb formula helps cleanse the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, lymphatic system, and blood. Multi-Fiber formula stimulates the colon for more efficient elimination. The price is $25 for two bottles of 120 capsules each.

Lymph Massage: Stagnation of lymph can occur in the interstitial spaces around your groin, legs, abdomen, chest, arms, neck, and face. This may cause water retention that makes you appear swollen. Massage will move the stagnated areas, releasing toxins into the bloodstream and clearing them out of the body via the kidneys. Lymph massage improves nutrition, metabolism, and circulation. This allows lymphocytes to combat and neutralize toxins and bacteria. It is important to drink plenty of water after the lymph massage to help flush toxins out of the body.
We suggest: Lymph massage is a wonderful treatment after a colonic, because the body is in detoxification mode and well hydrated from the water in the colon.

Tummy Rub: Your colon is just under your skin, beneath the adipose tissue (fat). After performing a daily tummy rub, you may notice bigger and easier fecal releases.
We suggest: Before you get out of bed, rub your abdomen in a clockwise direction. Your colon should not be sore and it is not a sensitive organ, so don't be afraid to be vigorous.

Breast Rub: The breasts are made of lymph, and lymph ducts can get clogged and backed up. This creates sore bumps on the sides of the breasts, under the armpits. Wearing a bra (which some of us can't help) may contribute to this problem.
We suggest: Daily, lightly rub under armpits, and around the whole breast, moving inward toward the heart. Lymph is always moving, it just gets stuck. Rubbing for about five minutes will lessen or alleviate soreness.

Breathing: Deep breathing for up to 20 minutes before retiring will relax the body for an optimal night's sleep. Deep breathing before arising will help stimulate a morning bowel movement for the start of a great day. Learn to breathe deeply and often. Breathe life into your lungs, you deserve it!
We suggest: Place your hand on your navel, feeling your hand go up and down as you breathe. This should also be done while in a squatting position as you have a bowel movement. This creates leverage in the colon that helps pass fecal matter.

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Toxic Free Water: We feel unfiltered tap water is one of the worst things to drink. It puts an unnecessary burden on your kidneys and liver. We suggest you buy bottled water. It is also important to be aware of the toxicity levels of the water bottles you are drinking from. The FDA rates water bottles and containers for dioxins by numbering them one through seven. This numbering is the rating of porosity, meaning how much dioxin is being released into the water from the plastic container. Most plastic is sensitive to light, heat, and cold. If you have ever tasted water that has a plastic taste to it, then you are consuming dioxins. Under the container of the plastic bottle, there will be a number in the triangle or V. The worst is a number three, meaning the most dioxins are leaching into your water. The best is a number seven, signifying polycarbonate plastic, which is glass-like, non-porous, and non-dioxin leaching.
We suggest: We sell bottled water packaged in number seven containers for your convenience. Prices: 1-liter bottle ($3.95), 2.2-liter bottle ($4.49), 5-gallon jug ( $18.69).

Structured Water: Is pure spring water that has been restructured to consist of small clusters of the water molecule. If you looked at tap water under a microscope, it would look like broken glass. Structured water looks like a snowflake. This structure enables water to move freely through the cell walls, allowing rapid absorption, thus producing true hydration. In youth, our bodies contain high levels of structured water. As we age, structured water levels decrease and the body begins to dehydrate. Dehydration has proven to be both the cause and result of the disease process. Structured water's efficient hydration assists the body to regain its youthful state of health and well being. Without proper hydration, the metabolism slows down, energy levels drop and toxic waste becomes trapped. The front of the brain gets energy from either water or sugar. Therefore, the sensations of thirst and hunger are one and the same. Confused, we often elect for food when what we really needed was more water. Drinking water first, especially structured water will create energy independent of food. Proper hydration assists the digestive system, encouraging enzymes to break down and extract nutrients from food resulting in fewer cravings. Getting enough water has proven to increase your metabolism by 3%.
We suggest: One 16-ounce bottle of concentrate ($25 ) will make 16 gallons. That comes to $1.56 per gallon of water. Fountain of Health staff members have noticed that we hardly need to get up at night to empty our bladders when drinking structured water. When you drink it you feel the water being absorbed into your body. I have noticed my skin is more opalescent and I am not as hungry since I've been drinking structured water. Crazy, but true!

Carbohydrates: A consensus of the books we have read suggests 70 to 90 grams of carbohydrates a day is sufficient for balanced insulin production. Consuming more than the suggested amount can overtax your pancreas. This condition can cause one of two aliments: hypoglycemia (overproduction of insulin) or diabetes (underproduction of insulin). Both of these conditions can cause excessive hunger, dizziness, headaches, muscles cramps, depression, gas, bloating, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, consult your physician.

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Good Bacteria: Live, active Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria live primarily in the small and large intestine. These bacteria live on fiber. If you do not consume enough fiber, these good bacteria cannot grow. Antibiotics, improper diet, radiation, chemotherapy, and constipation may create a flora imbalance. Good bacteria keep the colon in pH balance. They also digest your B vitamins, help with elimination, and give your skin a healthy glow.
We suggest: We believe FlorEnz, is one of the best flora products on the market, providing 10 billion viable microorganisms. Others contain only millions. The price is $28 for 60 capsules. Take one daily before bed.

Protein: The human body needs protein. If you do not consume it your body will use your own lean body mass. An adult needs between 50-120 grams of protein per day depending on sex, weight, and activity. You will only absorb 30 grams of protein at one time. Every ounce of protein is seven grams; you only need about four ounces at one meal. That's about the size of a deck of cards. If you consume more than 30 grams at one time, it overloads your system. It is believed that this undigested protein is the cause of arthritis and allergies.

Essential Fatty Acids: Our body does not produce essential fatty acids, therefore we must consume them. This helps the body with swollen joints, muscle inflammation, hormone transference (PMS), nerve and cell protection, decrease in Candida, as well as healthier hair and younger skin.
We suggest: Barleans Flax Seed oil. Take one to two tablespoons daily. Prices: 8-ounce bottle($8), 12- ounce ($12), 16-ounce ($14), 32-ounce ($27). Woman formula essential fatty acids: 8-ounce bottle ($8), 16-ounce ($24).

Oxygen: Magnesium oxide creates oxygen when combined with citric acid. This reaction in the digestive system helps to rid the body of parasites, Candida, yeasts, mold, and bacteria. It also cleanses the colon by oxygenating the feces in the nooks and bends in the colon. Magnesium oxide is a good alternative to herbs, which when used for too long can hinder the peristaltic muscle action of the colon. Herbs are great when necessary, but are not recommended for long-term use.
We suggest: Mag 07, 90capsules ($19.95), 180 capsules ($34.95). Citric acid is in the Mag 07 formula. We have been using them for more than a year and are pleased with the results.

Minerals: Our body is mostly made up of minerals and water. Any ailment can be related to a mineral deficiency. The only minerals we absorb efficiently are the minerals that plants absorb through the soil. These minerals are in colloidal form and easily and efficiently absorbed by the body.
We suggest: Two tablespoons (one fluid ounce) of T.J. Clarks Colloidal Mineral Formula. One quart ($25) lasts 30 days.

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Digestive Enzymes: We are born with a bank of enzymes. Once they are all used up, death occurs. Dr Howell won a Pulitzer Prize for his research on enzymes. His research showed that live raw foods have enzymes--they turn bananas from green to yellow and ripen avocados. Enzymes die at 117 degrees, so cooking foods destroys them. Not eating enough enzyme-rich, raw foods causes your body to use its enzyme stores for digestion. This is why raw foods are so life giving. If you eat cooked food, you should take natural vegetable digestive enzymes with each meal. This allows the food in your stomach to digest properly without tapping into the body's precious enzyme stores. The unused enzymes can then be used for many other jobs that enzymes do. Taking enzymes has also helped people with allergies such as food, pollen, and pet dander.
We suggest: We sell the best enzymes on the market. Digest Enz ($34 for 60 capsules) is a four-food-group digestive enzyme. Take one with each meal.

Nuts and seeds: There is an enzyme inhibitor in the nuts and seeds, which make them extremely hard to digest. Soaking them makes them easier to digest and activates their enzymes.
We suggest: Soak nuts and seeds for ten hours before eating.

Hormones: If you are female and having female problems, are past the age of 50, or are a man with prostate problems, you should consider natural progesterone cream. Most of us get too much estrogen in our diets from beef, chicken, eggs, milk, and even the air we breathe.
We suggest: Buy hormone- and antibiotic-free products whenever possible. To maintain hormone balance, we suggest Karuna Natural Progesterone Cream. Two ounces ($25) should last about three months.

Salt: Table salt is made from a calcium derivative and will cause bloating and create a craving for more.
We suggest: Use natural sea or kosher salt.

Shellfish: Shrimp, crab, and lobster are the cockroaches of the sea. They eat dead, decaying things; they have viruses; and they may contain heavy metals.
We suggest: For best overall health, omit these foods from your diet. I know this is not exciting news for some of you. I just think of what they eat (dead creatures) and then I think about what it tastes like in my mouth--ugh! That is what a cockroach must taste like. That pretty much does it for me.

Antiperspirants: Most antiperspirants on the market contain aluminum, which is absorbed through your skin. Likewise, do not cook with aluminum pots and pans, as you will ingest the aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's disease and current studies are being done in relation to aluminum-absorption diseases and disorders. The "anti" in antiperspirants means no perspiring. Stopping perspiration blocks the sweat glands, which interferes with the body's natural detoxification. This can aid in the backup of lymph under your armpits. Blocked lymph creates swollen lymph, then diseased hard-lump lymph.
We suggest:Use aluminum-free deodorants. We sell a number of inexpensive deodorant products.

Retire on an Empty Stomach: If food is in your stomach, then the body is digesting rather than performing the normal sleep activities of assimilating nutrients and repairing organs and muscles eating before sleep may make you feel tired when you get up, because your body hasn't had time to do its nighttime jobs.
We suggest: Allow a least three hours between eating and retiring.

We hope this has been helpful and informative. We are as concerned with your health and well-being as you are. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask during our time together. We carry all the products suggested here for your convenience.

All of the therapists at the Fountain of Health are highly trained and educated, but we are not physicians. We do not prescribe medication or diagnose conditions. We educate, holistically treat, and supply our clients with the highest standards in knowledge, training, and professionalism. We look forward to being of service to you.

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