Oxygen Sauna Treatment

Why Oxygen?

Using the steam sauna with oxygen allows the steam to surround the body and oxygen can be introduced through the skin. Humid heat opens the pores, which allows the oxygen through the skin to the bloodstream, where it can travel to the fat and lymph tissue. Detoxifying the lymph and fat tissues helps the liver to detoxify and fat and cellulite to break down. It is important to cleanse the lymph and fat tissue of toxins and the oxygen /steam sauna is the easiest and best way to accomplish this. The extra oxygen is utilized to detoxify dermal cells and remove wastes with enhanced blood circulation while oxygen kills germs and bacteria on your skin.

How Is Exercise Sweating Different From Sauna Sweating?

When you exercise the body sweats, evaporation of the sweat cools your body down. When you sweat in the sauna, there is no evaporation of sweat, enabling your body will reach higher temperatures. This is what makes the oxygen sauna so incredible; a higher body temperature kills off bacteria, virus, cancer, and tumors in the body. Your head is exposed while in the sauna to keep your head cool; this is why you feel comfortable. Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine has said more than two-thousand years ago: "Give me the power to create a fever in the body, and I shall cure any disease."

How Long Should I Sauna?

First time sauna treatments are limited to 10 to 15 minutes. You can add a hot herbal wrap after the sauna for an additional 30 minutes of detoxifying sweating. Drink plenty of water before and after the sweat. Having a colonic before the sweat is a wonderful way to cleanse and hydrate the body for maximum releasing of toxins. You can burn 250 - 400 calories during a sweat because of increased metabolic rate of vital organs.

People Who Should Not Do Oxygen Sauna

There are a few precautions to keep in mind. Because of the increase in cardiovascular activity caused by the high heat, sweat therapy is not recommended for people with heart disease or other cardiovascular problems. Individuals with high blood pressure should first consult their doctor.

In addition, the treatment is not advised for pregnant women, small children, or the elderly. Do not take a sweat treatment if you have a fever or an open wound. If you have been working out, be sure that your body has had time to cool down before exposing it to the heat of a sauna.

~ Oxygen Steam Sauna Treatments ~
Single Treatment: $40    
Series of 5: $185   ($37 each)
Series of 6: $216   ($36 each)
Series of 10: $350   ($35 each)
Series of 12: $402   ($33 each)
Series of 15: $480   ($32 each)
Series of 25: $750   ($30 each)

~ Oxygen Steam Sauna Packages ~
Colonic, Oxygen Steam Sauna and Massage $160
Colonic, Oxygen Steam Sauna, Herbal Heat Wrap and Cold Sheet Cool Down $160
Colonic, Oxygen Steam Sauna, Massage, Herbal Heat Wrap and Cold Sheet Cool Down     $225
Oxygen Sauna, Facial and Massage $150
Oxygen Sauna, Herbal Heat Wrap, Cold Sheet Cool Down and Massage $155
Oxygen Sauna, Herbal Heat Wrap, Cold Sheet Cool Down and Facial $150

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