~ Testimonials From Happy Clients ~

1. Since losing my husband nearly three years ago, I have been struggling to regain my health, as well as helping three teen age daughters do the same. Since finding the Fountain of Health several months ago I have made remarkable consistent progress to that end. As my health has improved because of the many detoxifying treatments and knowledgeable guidance and education about my health I have become more capable in my efforts to keep my girls in better health.

My thanks for your knowledgeable and welcoming staff, your diverse whole-health services and the relaxing environment. I have come to know you as "my spa-my haven"!
~ Anne Lahey

2. Know one could have offered me colon therapy wrapped up in a mink coat; I did not have an understanding of the colons responsibility in regards to my overall health. My thoughts; my energy; my moods; my weak immune system; nothing was my own. period.

As far as I could remember being "regular" was going every two-three days, to kids, one husband, and demanding job. My bowel movements become more infrequent. After trying laxatives, diet, herbal teas, and old wife's remedies-to sure fix-I was referred to the Fountain of Health. Three colonics later and I feel like a whole new person, this process has truly changed my life. If I could I would give Dawn, the founder of Fountain of Health, a microphone, a mountain; and T.V. show, people need to be educated.
~ Ro'donna Osborne

3. Amidst prosperity, I suffer from malnutrition. As part of my healing process here at the Fountain of Health, I've been education on how to assist my digestion. The very first night I digested my food I woke up in the middle of the night in a state of joy. From within a deep state of sleep I sensed an up swell of growing happiness and I awoke. I could feel the nutrients entering my blood stream, I am elated.
~ Crystal Greenwell

4. I have been a client of The Fountain of Health since 1996, I have been continually helped with my health, as Dawn has learned and grown, she has educated has her staff and myself.

This past week I have had a great deal of pain in my abdominal area, the Doctor was treating me thought it was an ovary problem. After my regularly scheduled colonic appointment I was so amazed because the pain was gone afterwards! Diet and stress caused the constipation and pain. Thank God for The Fountain of Health and their entire staff, (who by the way always makes me feel right at home) they are fantastic. One more time, I took a problem to Fountain of Health and they got to the bottom of it! No pun intended. Love and thanks to you all.
~ Tamara Burleson

5. Last week I was sick and could not eat all day then I remembered that maybe I was not eliminating all of my stool. I had a tremendous head ache also. I scheduled a colonic late that afternoon, returned home and immediately felt 100% better, and had a great nights sleep that night. Over the last 15 years I have always relied on colonics to maintain optimum health. Thank you, Fountain of Health.
~ Natalie Valpredo

6. Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! About my life and how I feel right now! finally a break though "These colonics--let me tell you...they've literally opened me up to having energy and faith in myself to take better care of health and body. I'm eating better, I value myself more and I'm on a higher level of consciousness. The colonics became symbolic to the whole cleansing of body, mind and spirit. Its no wonder its called "holistic" Thank you for your services, and for helping me with my crap.
~ Rose Steward

7. I purchased a series of 5 colonics thinking this process will help me eliminate better and improve my overall health. After my 1st session I thought maybe I wasn't in such bad shape, I didn't release much. As I continued with the rest of the series I released a very large amount of stuff on my 3rd and 4th visit. My eating habits have changed as I partnered with my intestines. I eliminate twice a day now and have that feeling of being fully cleansed. I know I will continue with the maintenance program. The education I received during this process was invaluable. I consider myself a success that feels good.
~ Mary

8. I wanted to take a brief moment to mention what a wonderful experience it has been for me coming to the Fountain of Health. The calming music as you enter this beautiful Victorian home started to set my mind at ease. The decor is nothing less than a work of art and what is great art but the ability of that art to communicate. If that art communicates to someone then you have great art. The interior is a work of art. Very, very well done.

I was quite nervous as it was the very first time I was going to have a colonic and didn't know what to expect. Dawn Throne sat me down and gave me all the data on what was going to occur. It was quite interesting and educational and her up tone appearance and communication put me at further ease.

Tia my colonic therapist has been very comforting and professional and I must say the same for all of the staff I have come in contact with at the Fountain of Health. I have never experienced such a clean and sanitary environment. Every room is like it has been white gloved every 30 minutes.

The little pebbles and individual cards with my name on it hand written with wonderful positive life quotes in a very warmly decorated therapy rooms gives one the feeling they may have come to heaven. It is truly exchange in abundance. This is one of the most extraordinary great experiences of my life contacting the Fountain of Health. Thank you for being here and helping me get my body back to a healthier state and being here for others. It is truly an oasis in a world gone mad.
~ Tom Brown

9. I look at you as my primary care facility for my health. You keep me healthy and when I have a question you have answers. The way I'm treated here has kept me coming back over all these years; I know you care about me and my health. Thank you,
~ Angelo Williams

10. I have been coming to Fountain of health for years and I think I have had my best colonic to date! The therapists here always make me feel relaxed and comfortable; everyone is so professional and kind. I love all the knowledgeable information and feedback I get about my health. I just feel amazing right now have had such a successful release. I feel motivated to continue my health regimen of drinking my water and making wise food choices. You have improved my skin, my digestive system, my life; I'm forever your client. Thank you for creating such a welcoming, well rounded spa.
~ Teryn Brule

11. Learning about Fountain of Health was a great experience. Not only were the people extremely nice, they made me feel incredibly comfortable being there under my circumstances. It all started with taking the pain medicine Codeine, it made me constipated and it became very painful. I went to Kaiser and they checked out my colon. The doctor told me to eat more fiber and oatmeal. I did and it didn't help, after I came to the Fountain of Health, Eve told me that my colon needed fiber but it also needs to be re-hydrated. I did the colonic treatments and I have to tell you it was awesome, my stomach stopped giving me problems after only a couple of treatments. I have learned so much from the therapists and going to the classes, my life is changed for the better. Some may be scared, as I was. But it's perfectly fine and you won't regret it.
~ Alysia Hanes

12. Right after my first colonic appointment I noticed a huge difference. I, all of the sudden could wear high heels and not great cramps in my legs. The muscles all over my body were more relaxed, my skin is smoother and more hydrated as well as the moisture in my eyes. I'm also able to go the bathroom after every meal and it's easy! My energy level is so much better. I also noticed at night when I have a drink of wine my body works efficiently to get rid of the alcohol. A lot of my pain is gone my swollen knee is no longer swollen. I feel so much better over all. I feel like my vitality is back!
~ Cynthia Quint

13. I wanted to write a letter to acknowledge the help that you all have given me over the past year while visiting the Fountain of Health. Months ago, I made an appointment for a colonic. I had never had one before and I heard that you felt better after one. I have historically been a chronic dieter, always trying the newest fad way of eating because I wanted to feel good and lose the same five pounds. I eat well and exercise regularly. I had a stressful job for years and had started to gain weight around my middle, which I knew was from stress. At this point, I was practicing a vegan diet and my face was extremely broken out.

During my colonic appointment, we discussed my diet. Right away, Dawn told me that I had too much soy in my diet. Because of my active work out schedule, I needed to make sure I got enough protein. Being a vegan and traveling a lot, how I got my protein was with lots of tofu and soy nuts! Soy has a lot of hormones in it. Within two weeks of cutting most of the soy out of my diet, my face cleared up. Amazing! We discussed why I wanted to be a vegan and it was really due to a book I had read on what additives and hormones are in the food we eat. I learned to eat organic and really look at how our ancestors lived and ate. They ate meat and eggs and dairy. Gradually I introduced organic meats and eggs into my diet and I felt so much better. The regular colonics made me feel better too.

While I felt better, I still did not feel good. I was tired and often bloated and I had irregular bowels. With the help of Dawn, I really had to take a look at my behavior with regard to eating and how what I ate made me feel. I ate way to fast, which often gave me a stomach-ache. I also craved carbs when my body really wanted protein. I had little fat in my diet and learned that having some coconut oil or butter (isn't that forbidden) with my meal actually sustained me longer. I felt so much better after eating slower, smaller meals with some added fat.

The process of discipline and really paying attention to your body is not easy, but the work is so worth it. I love muffins. I feel crummy after I eat them and so tired. I never realized this. But if I just have half with some cheese or an egg, I feel good and not hungry for a while. I have also learned that restricting is bad. You eventually eat what you have been craving and you eat a lot of it. So if you want it, have some and savor it. And if you eat it slow and really pay attention to how you feel during and after, you may discover that you don't feel that great and next time you won't even want it.

I also worked with Dawn on muscle testing and have added natural whole food supplements to my diet. These have really helped as well. I am looking forward to continuing my work on feeling healthy and good. I plan on working with Dawn on eating according to my blood type and getting regular colonics. I have also been practicing rhythmic eating, eating healthy breakfasts and lunches with lighter dinners and never carb only meals! I am so grateful to Dawn and team. Their support, kind words, genuine care and hugs have helped me get through a rough time in my life and got me back on the right paths. They really have changed my life!
~ Michelle Raynaud, A Fountain of Health Believer!

14. I came to Fountain of Health for a colonic which went great. Afterwards they happened to be having their weekly educational series on digestion, so I stayed. The reason I came to have a colonic was because I was feeling very low energy and started suffering with headaches.

I learned from Dawn and Eve that I was eating to many carbs. I switched my diet to less carbs and added protein and fat with each meal. It was the complete opposite of what I had been eating. Within one day I felt so much better I had tons more energy and no headaches! Every time I go there for a treatment I learn something new.
~ Joey Melrose

15. The fountain of health has literally changed my life. I am mentally and physically more receptive to everyday occurrences. I feel healthier in my work and personal environment. I suffered from chronic sciatic pain due to inflammation. I can honestly say I do not feel that constant dull pain any longer. My physique even looks better and my clothes fit better too. My energy level has increased and I feel more confident about myself and I'm creating more opportunities in my life. Health is a true key to success in all facets of life. Without health we are not all that we can be. Thank you Dawn, and your wonderful staff for all of their help on my travel to better health.
~ Tasha Johnson

16. When I first started coming to the Fountain of Health I had numerous issues and concerns. Beginning with gas, bloating and many digestive problems, I had an extremely healthy diet and exercised daily, but nothing helped with my internal difficulties.

I was referred to Fountain of Health by a wellness coach. I decided to "Give it a try" because nothing else had worked. After only 6 sessions I have overcome all of my digestive issues as a result of my colonic treatments and education about digestion.
~ Mary Gray

17. When I first started the cleanse I felt like I had the flu, (headache and sluggishness) and that was totally because of how I used to treat my body. After only a few days the feelings passed and I felt better than I have ever felt before. My migraines and body pain are gone. Cleansing, and eating whole foods has made my skin look great. I feel totally liberated, food no longer controls my life. When I was hungry before I would mow down whatever I was craving. Now I tell my body it can wait until if find the right fuel to feel successful.
~ Melissa J

18. I came to the Fountain of Health to see if I could get my bowel movements regular. I was counseled about my diet and encouraged to take more fiber (the right kind) and water to help hydrate my colon. After a couple colonics I started having BM's every day. I would recommend everyone to do this if you're having BM problems. I have had problems all my life and every doctor said, "it's normal, or its hormonal or its ok if you only have one or two BM's a week." it is not normal! believe me.
~ Kim Alexander

19. I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer June 12, 2007. I had just read "Longevity at 100" by John Robbins and "The Cure" by Dr. Timothy Brantley, so I had my ammunition to fight cancer. In these books, women with invasive breast cancer and other cancers cured themselves. One of the protocols was colonics, so immediately I went on the search for the best. My sister Deborah works for the University of California at Berkeley and she right away talked to Megan at Fountain of Health. She liked her and wanted me to call. I decided that was too quick, too easy. I called the Rocklin Herb Room and spoke with the owner Paulette who was delightful. She had a place that was highly recommended for colonics and it was FOH. It was like God was telling me, "This is it." Twice referred in one day does it for me.

I am guided by my strong positive belief system that the body can cure itself, if supported with nutrition, exercise, oxygen therapy, body work, LBG, and colonics; detoxifying the liver, pancreas, kidney and gallbladder; herbs, minerals, vitamins and the right water; a positive mind and spirit; and meditation and prayer. I am also guided by my Homeopathy Counselor in the protocol I am using.

The lumps in my right breast and under my right arm (in the lymph gland) were each the size of an egg. The lump in the lymph gland now is the size of a cooked pea. The lump in my right breast is half the size it was when I first started coming to FOH. I was positive but stressed and I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck. Working with Diane has relieved that pain, I feel wonderful.

I truly believe the colonics, light beam generator, the Shiatsu, the oxygen saunas, and the mineral wraps have revitalized me and given my body the needed oxygen to fight cancer. What is more important than this is the practitioners of these modalities. They believe deeply in what they are doing. This is not a job for them; this is important body work they are doing, and they are participating in assisting you to heal your body.

They are positive and educated in their craft and are very supportive. You never feel hurried or rushed. The environment is warm and caring and you know you will heal with their help. I have a lot more energy and I am feeling really great. My toxin level in my body has gone down dramatically. Thank you, Tia, Eve, Diane, Megan and Dawn and Fountain of Health.
~ France Manesh

20.I discovered "Fountain of Health" while investigating various facilities in the Sacramento area that provide Colonic treatments as part of their service offerings. At the time, I was participating in a "detox" program that strongly suggested a series of Colonics along with other cleansing treatments.

I interviewed a number of treatment facilities, but it became obvious very quickly that Fountain of Health would be my choice. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. After my first consultation, I KNEW this was the right place for me. I felt very comfortable right from the start.

I was amazed at how good l I felt, even after only one treatment. The thing that stands out the most for me was how much energy I felt at first. But it only got better after each treatment. I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks and I attribute that to the Colonics and my focus on eating foods that are better for me - like whole foods.

I originally planned on only just a few treatments to augment my detox. Because of the tremendous success, I have continued with the Colonics as a regular part of my routine for continued and preventative health.

To say Fountain of Health is a great place would be an understatement. My experience there has literally changed my life in a super-positive way. Thanks, Fountain of Health!
~ Jim O'Hare

21.I came to FOH after reading Kevin Trudeau's books on natural cures. As part of a general detoxifying program, I expereinced my first colonic and decided to combine colonic with the Standard Process cleanse.

The weekly colonics were relaxing and I found the Standard Process Cleanse helped establish an even energy through-out each day. I was able to adopt it to my changeable work schedule and found it easy to go for hours without craving carbohydrates. My sinuses cleared, my body feels light and I sleep better at night.

I appreciate the quality of the health products and services offered at FOH. The freindlies, inspiration and professionalism of the staff create a welcoming atmosphere. Thank you for being a quiding light toward better heatlh in our community.
~ Marti Meyer

22. I have been very please with the results I have gotten from colonics. My stomach has shrunk, and that has been great, it has given me the desire to keep it that way. I also have had no headaches or heartburn which I had on a daily basis before. My energy level is better and I feel stronger as well. I also feel like exercising now. The whole experience has been very pleasant, the methods, the atmosphere and the people are wonderful. I belive my health has sprung forth and I will be healthy the rest of my life.
~ Larry Love

23.I run a couple of businesses -- a biosphere alternative company that deals with being green, and a mobile automotive repair service.  I keep telling my auto clients to keep up on regular oil changes and tune ups, because if they don't they will end up paying more to get their motor repaired or replaced than if they had just maintained the engine they have.

I have found out that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe in and practice maintenance, and those who wait until things break down.

Before coming to the Fountain of Health, I was taking five high blood pressure meds, three cholesterol meds, two for my liver and four for gout.  After having had just two colonics, I saw my doctor for my regularly scheduled visit and he was shocked that I only needed one high blood pressure med and one for the gout.  He asked what was I doing and I told him I colonic irrigations. I did the Light Beam Generator with my colonics too, and lost 12 pounds.

Going into the alternative health care world I found that service is almost like my automotive business -- instead of a car, it's your body you're servicing. They are very similar. I grew up abusing my body. I worked out all the time but did not eat right. I wanted to be healthy, but I only abused my body and made it worse. If I had heard about Fountain of Health, I'm sure I would have maintained my body better. Now I'm getting back into proper shape by getting my body cleansed. The truth is, maintain your health by servicing your body now before it's too late, and you might not have a blown motor. Treat you body good and don't take it for granted.
~ Bryant Romano

24. I was afraid to have a colonic irrigation, but I heard so many good things about it. The staff was patient and educated me through the procedure. The next morning I felt a big difference in my energy level. I woke up feeling energized. I didn't feel bloated anymore and I felt happier.

I told my friends and family how terrific I felt and told them they all should try it. Normally by noon time I would feel so tired, but after the colonic irrigation, I had energy all day long like a child. Everyone should do this. Once you have, you'll understand the great feeling of being energized.
~ Renee Reitas

25. My lifestyle has been quite healthy. I don't do drugs, smoke or get drunk and I am very aware of the quality of the food I eat.

The thought of getting a colonic absolutely disgusted me and I was highly skeptical. Then I learned about the schedule of a strong, healthy colon - and as healthy as I thought I was, my colon was definitely not functioning up to par. Feeling a need to be "cleaned," I pushed all of my fears and judgments aside and got my first colonic. I was absolutely stunned at the results. Not only do I feel much stronger physiologically - but the place that I feel the most improvement is spiritually!

Since I started receiving colonics regularly, I have been able to out-grow old behavioral patterns and reach my higher self. I truly believe that I have been able to do this because of the removal of old, physical "junk" that used to be in my body. It has absolutely changed my life and fast-forwarded my progress as an evolving human. I am so lucky and feel so light!
~ Jessica Mayer, Pro Design Studios, San Francisco, CA

26. I have completed a series of five colonics and I'm more aware of what I'm eating. I seem to want gooier or fatty foods. I'm clearer and I'm experiencing a natural state of calm. I'm eliminating much sooner after meals. I'm taking the fiber my therapist suggested, and I can tell it's working by the way i feel. I feel connected with my body in a way I never have before. I have been on diets and reduced eating, but nothing has felt like this. It's GREAT! I plan to continue having regular colonics to aid in my weight reduction and overall health goals. This place is truly the Fountain of Health.
~ Teal Herron

27. I had my first colonic 2 years ago, after experiencing discomfort with irregularity, bloating, cramping, feeling sluggish -- the list goes on. I started getting colonics and felt much better.

My colon therapist suggested that I do the 21 day Cleanse to really intensify my detoxification. After just seven days on the cleanse I decided I want to feel like this the rest of my life. I have never known great health before.

By getting in touch with my body through the cleanse and colonics, I have learned to pay attention and listen to what my body needs. Regular colonics keeps me feeling balanced, regular, and full of energy, because I can eat the bad stuff now and again without it accumulating. I also have committed to doing the 21-day cleanse twice a year, to cleanse my liver, kidneys and blood.

Thank you Eve, Dawn and Tamara for helping me feel so fabulous!
~ Jennifer Maiwald,     Director, Corporate Service Sacramento River Cats / Raley Field

28. I would love to take the opportunity to thank Fountain of Health. I cannot remember when I felt so energized, so happy, so stress free.

After having tried several ways to lose weight and feel better, someone recommended having colonics, I have to tell you I was skeptical, but said, "I give it a try." Walking in your building was just the beginning, the music, the front desk staff, the cleanliness of the toilet to name a few. I feel great! I sleep great, my family tells me I look great! I will never stop cleansing. Viva Fountain of Health.
~ Carmel Gillis

29. I was told about the Ion Foot Bath from a neighbor. She raved about the foot bath and said it increased her energy level. I thought Iwould try it and was so surprised by the results. I have had knots in my back all my life. I have always had to get regular massages to work out muscle tension in my back.

After having the foot bath all the tension in my back left. The results are amazing. Massage therapy couldn't yield the same results as the Ion Foot Bath. One foot bath did more for my back than three deep tissue massages.
~ Lisa Davenport

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